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We offer a variety of commercially nourished creative and marketing services with a wealth of experience across a broad range of media types to fit your individual needs.

Brochures and Catalogs

Don’t Fail to Capitalize on Every Touch Point


They say the new brochure is a web site. While this is true in many cases, customer touch points still exist in the snail mail box, in the corporate lobby, and at special events and trade shows.


You just never know when and where someone will be receptive to your messages, offers, promises and promotions. It’s so important to stand out in a crowded field. You just can’t leave any avenues unexplored.


Plus, your printed and PDF materials need to be integrated with your landing pages, social media hooks and overall brand. This requires strategy, thoughtfulness and quality production.

LANSGraphix can help. We’ve developed dozens of compelling pieces for a wide variety of industries. Check out some of our work.